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The Library consists of over 30,000 volumes of textbooks and reference books and subscribed to over 30 national and international journals. It consists of three sections, first the stacking and books Issuing section, Second- the Magazines, Journals and Newspapers section, third a large reading hall. The book bank scheme is available for the students to borrow textbooks.
English Language & Communication Skills Lab 
A language laboratory is established to improve the language skills of the students. The lab helps the students in improving their pronunciation, speaking skills, communication skills, report writing and documentation. The lab is equipped with the required software, audio and video CDs and DVDs.
Smart Classes Facility
LCD's Available In Class Rooms
Restricted Wi-Fi Facility
Audio Visual Support
Multi-Media Enabled Systems
Khammam Institute of Technology & Sciences is well equipped with laboratories that cater to both the educational and extra-curricular needs of the students. State of the art labs and the latest equipment to support the students in their practical sessions are available at the college.
Computer Lab
The centralized computer center has been fully air-conditioned. At a time 90 students can work individual systems. The computer labs consisting of 90 modern Pentium IV systems are connected through Local Area Net Work. The computer systems are installed with the required software & peripherals keeping in mind the needs of the students. The labs provide unlimited access to the broadband Internet facility. The labs are supported by UPS and Generators also for uninterrupted power supply. The following software is made available in the computer labs: M.S Office, C, C++, Unix, Linux, Oracle, Java, English Lab, and Multisim etc.

Electronics Devices & Circuit Lab
The college has established all required Electronics & Communications labs with the state-of-the-art Electronic Devices. The labs are equipped with high quality devices and instruments. Electronic Circuits, Communication, Microprocessor and Interfacing, Digital Signal Processing, Analog, Integrated Circuits, Digital and fiber optic Communication, etc are fully established. The maintenance and the upkeep of the labs have been assigned to trained technicians under the supervision of the faculty.
Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab
Electrical Machine Labs are established in very large halls with high quality AC and DC motors. The Electrical Department has labs in addition to Machine labs. They are Power Electronics Lab, Electrical Measurement Lab, Network Lab, Hydraulics labs and workshop. All these labs are well equipped with quality machinery and manned by experienced lab assistants.

IT& Mechanical Engineering Machines Workshop
All these labs equipped with the some of the latest and best equipments that supports the students in practical learning. Most of these labs are guided by senior most faculties.
Engineerig Drawing Hall
The drawing hall is the venue for imparting engineering drawing practice, which is the basic concept for any engineer to visualize the things. The faculty members with their varied exposure simplify the complex concepts of engineering drawing to the students.










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